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This I believe: The purest love on Earth
There is only one pure and genuine love among human beings, and that is the kind of love I do believe in: the love a real mother has towards her children.

Many women I know tell me they do not feel the desire to become mothers. Some of them report they do not have the necessary time and money to become responsible for another human being, especially the ones who would be dependent of them for so long. Maybe many women are just afraid of not having enough love in their hearts.

When I was a teenager, I used to tell my mother that if I were half as good as she was as a mom, my kids would be very blessed. My mom is the kind of person who made lots of sacrifices to give us what she did not have. She would be hungry almost all day long, so my siblings and I could eat at least three times a day. She would work hard, doing other people’s laundry and ironing, so we could go to school. She would forget all about herself so we could have a chance to exist. She would not sleep, so we could have the chance to dream about a better life. This love was so pure that no other feeling I could ever experience on Earth during my youth.

Having growing up in scarcity, I felt empty inside. I was afraid I would not have the enough love to take care of a child. I was scared of the simple idea of maternity. I thought I could not be a good mother nor that I needed to be one.

Time passed and I got married and, eventually, I had a child. And the magic happened.

I feel I am still very imperfect, full of bad habits and I need lots of improvement. However, I feel I have inside of me the purest love of all. I feel that from the moment I got pregnant this purest love on Earth invaded my soul and changed my life. My heart now beats outside my body. My thoughts are towards my son every second. I am stronger, bolder, and more in love each day. Many times I feel I can touch the sky because of this pure love.

I do not believe in many things, but in the purest love on Earth, I do.
Solimar Silva
Enviado por Solimar Silva em 10/12/2016
Alterado em 08/05/2020
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