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Dear Personal Library,
            As I met you this morning, in our precious moments of silence and joy, I felt my heart full of gratitude and love. Although we were silent, in fact there were so many words shared. Mistery, laughter, tears, learning, and reflection are among the words that we cherish and share in secret. And then, I started to think to myself how blessed I am to have you in my life!
         I feel safe and warm when I visit you, no matter what part of the day it is, because you always have some good words of wisdom for me. Moreover, I enjoy your generosity as you embrace and comfort me so smoothly while I do what I like the most: reading.
As we were just the two of us this morning, I could remember our very shy beginning. The first dates with the joy of the first books and dictionaries or when I arrived fussy and noisy full of happiness because of the gifts from loved ones in form of books or when I could finally buy new books after months of sacrifice and hard work. You were always there, cheering for me and glad I came to tell my secrets or unveil the secrets those closed books had for us.
        You were always there for me. When I lacked spirituality and tried so hard to dive into the scriptures, you were the sole witness of my pleas. You were also there many nights before I took hard exams to study or complete work affairs. You were there when I prepared lessons, studied, researched, wrote projects and books. You were always there, still, friendly, cozy, and tender.
       Therefore, I want to thank you for all these precious moments and make you a promise: when one day I have to go away (and unfortunately I will even against my will), I want you to know I will ask someone who can truly appreciate what you have to offer to take care of you. And I know this person will be as happy as I am to have you in my life.


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Solimar Silva
Enviado por Solimar Silva em 10/12/2016
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